Welcome to the disarmament movement. Thank you for volunteering to save lives and reveal the hypocrisy of the government. Let’s take direct action.

Disarm the Base is a cooperative board game about breaking into a military base to disarm war planes. It is loosely based on a number of real conflicts and real activists. In reality, activists are usually stopped by guards before getting near to one of the planes. The subsequent trials lasts weeks, and they are able to explain how the strength of their principles compelled them to take action. They are supported by many people during their trials, who raise awareness and funding. Their actions are often discussed in the media, and can change the public narrative around weapons of mass destruction.

Obviously this is a game. It does not provide instructions for taking illegal action. The board does not show a real base, and the mechanics of the game are solely for gameplay. We strongly support a legal right to peaceful protest, and uphold the process of establishing the boundaries of protest through a court of law.

Pre-order the game on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dissentgames/disarm-the-base

Follow the process of creating the game on this blog.

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