Well, I’m creating a couple more prototypes. On Sunday (8 September) then I’m running a playtesting workshop as part of Art the Arms Fair. It’s at 3:30pm at AMP Studios, 897a Old Kent Road, London SE15 1NL. Please do come along!

Art The Arms Fair

Disarm the Base is in an exhibition! A handmade prototype is in Art The Arms Fair, an exciting exhibition of anti-Arms Fair art (does what it says on the tin, really) in Peckham, South London. The main exhibition runs from 3 September until 13 September at Safehouses 1 & 2, numbers 137 & 139 Copeland... Continue Reading →

A new card drawing mechanic?

A couple of days ago I mentioned how I was exploring a different way of drawing cards. Here’s what I’ve come up with - inspired by a suggestion from one of my excellent playtesters. At the start of the game, the red cards (bad) and blue cards (good) are separated. Eight of the blue cards... Continue Reading →

Grappling with the audience

I’ve had some feedback from my playtesters, and one thing is very clear. There are two different audiences for this game. One audience is experienced boardgamers. They are looking for something which doesn’t seem predictable, which keeps their interest, which plays smoothly, and isn’t too easy. The other audience is activists. They are buying the... Continue Reading →

And stretch!

We have a stretch goal on Kickstarter. If we get to £7,000 (which isn’t that far off now) then we can afford to buy some little cloth bags to go inside the boxes and stop all the components rattling about. Probably one of these from the Clever Baggers. What do you think?

Spotting all the typos

We’ve made minor corrections and changes to the board. Previously the hangars had been labelled “hangers”, so that’s been corrected. The hand drawn versions have also replaced the original versions, giving it a slightly softer look. And the floodlights are also now all correctly labelled - we accidentally had two north west floodlights and no... Continue Reading →

Two players

One of the most difficult things about designing a game is getting the balance right for different numbers of players. The initial playtests were with four players -- that seemed right, and is a fairly standard number of players. In a most games, the number of players changes the game. In this game, reducing the... Continue Reading →

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