Making a mistake about outsourcing

I'd like to tell you all about a mistake I made. A few months ago I asked for quotes from games manufacturers. I found these partly by googling, partly through looking through the forums at Board Game Geek. I asked almost everyone I could find, got emails back, and put the answers into a spreadsheet.... Continue Reading →

Individually numbered games

So, because we are suckers for punishment, we’re considering individually numbering each game. Yes, really. The numbering would be somewhere on the instruction booklet. We currently have two ideas... Idea One is a handwritten note at the bottom of the back page where it says “edition one: x of 500”. Very art print. Idea Two... Continue Reading →

Colourful pathways

Getting a prototype through can be incredibly useful, a well as a little bruising. I spent the few days before the first prototype arrived feeling anxious (there are other reasons, which I’ll share with you later) but not too concerned about the actual print. And then it arrived, and it was immediately clear that actually,... Continue Reading →

Tea break

I’m doing some political work at the moment, mainly around electoral compliance for the (expected) general election. The political mug has come out again.

Well, no... The guards didn't quite fit in the guard hut. The guards are wooden meeples (people shaped pawns), just like the player pieces. They're larger than those in most games, standing 24mm high. As a comparison, the meeples in Carcassonne are 16mm high. And because they're large meeples, they didn't all fit in the... Continue Reading →

The little things

We're at the stage now where we're doing the final tweaks and changes, and filling in the detail. The picture shows some of the barbed wire, which is now hand drawn. One of the little things which will (hopefully) pull the whole game together.

Artwork update

We have a sample! There a lot of changes we need to make to the prototype, but luckily they are all minor changes. Here are some pictures of what we have so far. Meeples! Not convinced by that shade of green. Box. This is glossy and I am inclined to go with matt instead. The... Continue Reading →

How many mechanics is too many?

I’ve been looking again at the solo game. To be honest, I tend to start playing the four-player game, feel I’ve got that right, then move quickly through three- and two-player games until I can spend more time with the solo game. It’s a bit easier not to have to pretend to be several different... Continue Reading →

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