New project?

When Disarm the Base is finished and all sent out, I'd like to create another game. Due to the difficultly of getting boards created, I think it would be best if it was simply a card game. But what should the topic be? I have three things I've been considering: Environmental. Possibly called Rewilding, this... Continue Reading →

Still on track for Christmas!

We're still on track to get the first games out by Christmas! We'll know more in about a month, when the game components are finished. If it's possible to get all those pieces to us in early December then we should be able to ship to you by mid-December. this space for updates.


Some of the people on the Kickstarter also ordered bags. These are long-handled cotton canvas bags, 38cm by 43cm by 10cm. Here’s the image which is going to go on them. They’ll be printed by the Clever Baggers. Before I put the order in, does anyone else want one?


As well as the games, we’ve also been working on images for the badges. They’ve changed slightly from the images shared on the Kickstarter. What do you think?

Colour blind testing

The other day I did something really interesting. I ran the image of the board through colour blind filters. The colour blind site I used was called Toptal, and it gave me the option of looking at a website (this one, obviously) using different filters. In one filter, the green and blue looked grey and... Continue Reading →


Here's the latest version on the rule book. What do you all think? It's going to be small and square, to fit in the box.

Making a mistake about outsourcing

I'd like to tell you all about a mistake I made. A few months ago I asked for quotes from games manufacturers. I found these partly by googling, partly through looking through the forums at Board Game Geek. I asked almost everyone I could find, got emails back, and put the answers into a spreadsheet.... Continue Reading →

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