Reviews, photos, and BBG

It’s a month into the new year, and I still feel like it’s Christmas. Apologies to everyone following for the complete lack of of blog posts!

Most people who signed up to the Kickstarter will have received their copy. One game was returned in the post and has been resent, and another is making a tour of post offices in Germany. (Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to go to Germany at all….) I’m still chasing five people for their postal addresses.

I have two things to share, and a request! First, the request — if you’re on BoardGameGeek, would you mind leaving a review or a comment on the Disarm the Base BGG entry? Thank you!

The first thing to share is that there is a short review in Peace News. The second thing to share is that I have some truly wonderful photos from Ross Connell at More Games Please. The one at the top of this page is one, and the two below. What do you think?

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