202 parcels down, 45 left to go…

Most of the parcels have been sent out. Many of the UK ones will have got to their destinations by now, and hopefully the overseas parcels will make it in time for Christmas! I am now very well acquainted with my local post office.

Each game is wrapped in tissue paper and newspaper, and those going further are also wrapped in bubblewrap. The boxes are stuffed with pages from the Economist, The Friend, the Guradian, and Lidl’s weekly food magazine. There’s actually quite a lot of Lidl pages in there! The bubblewrap has been saved over the past year, and I’m hoping there’s going to be enough to do the last few games.

Over half the actual games have been sold, and a few more are going to other places (review copies, boardgame cafes etc). Thanks to everyone who has bought it, and hopefully the remaining games will be gone by the summer…

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