New project?

When Disarm the Base is finished and all sent out, I’d like to create another game. Due to the difficultly of getting boards created, I think it would be best if it was simply a card game. But what should the topic be?

I have three things I’ve been considering:

Environmental. Possibly called Rewilding, this could be a a game where the objective is to replace abandoned power stations and fracking sites with trees.

Feminist. A game about not pulling up ladders, supporting and mentoring. Entirely uncertain how this would work, but possibly the aim would be to get as many characters as possible past a certain point.

Democratic. A game about building a country. There would be some educational aspect to this, but I’d be keen not to overdo it. It could be a game of a citizens convention – but, you know, fun.

Which of these would you actually like to see made?

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  1. I like the Rewilding idea best. But here is another thought…… what about about a game called Brexit – two teams, one has to try to force it through and the other team has to try to get people to see sense. Actually, that doesn’t sound much fun. Best stick with Rewilding.


  2. I think you should make all three – starting with the one that interests you the most. But for timely intervention and mass appeal I’d suggest the environmental theme.


  3. This has probably been done before Jess but……..

    Feminist sounds good. It could be the following. Ethical – for instance should you ask a colleague at work out on a date? Historical – when did women get the vote? How did they get the vote? Moral dilema – you see a somebody being bullied at work – what do you do? Legal – if you are being bullied at work should you record everything on your smartphone? Is it legal to do so? What happens when you sue.

    It could actually be rather fun………………..


  4. I’m quite keen on the democratic “building a country” idea. I feel it might have more scope for game-play than the others, which both have strong moral merits!


  5. I quite like the country-building idea too – it feels like something that could work well as a card game. We might actually need this sort of thing in Scotland in the next year or two…

    Please don’t give up the idea of a board game though – I realise it’s a pain to organise, but I really like the physicality of the board, pieces etc. Card games don’t have quite the same attraction (although my kids and I are suckers for Exploding Kittens…)


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