Artwork update

We have a sample! There a lot of changes we need to make to the prototype, but luckily they are all minor changes. Here are some pictures of what we have so far.

Meeples! Not convinced by that shade of green.
Box. This is glossy and I am inclined to go with matt instead.
The cards. These have been around for a while – but they look good next to everything else!
Board. Hangars are now hand drawn.
Tiles. It was starting to rain as I took this photo…

2 thoughts on “Artwork update

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  1. I’m a bit of a latecomer (backed the kickstarter a couple of weeks back), so this is probably too late for you to change, and possibly even not worth changing.

    The runway numbers aren’t in line with how they work in real life. Airports number their runways according to their compass direction – for example, if landing heading due West, compass direction 270 degrees, the runway would be numbered 27 (the same runway, landing from the opposite direction due East, compass direction 90 degrees, would be numbered 09).

    So the runway you have marked as 01, looks like it’s on a bearing of ~300 degrees, should be runway 30. The one shown as 02, funnily enough looks to be around a 20 degree bearing, and so should be 02 🙂

    Anyway, other than the above, the game looks great, and I’m excited to get playing it soon!


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