Spotting all the typos

We’ve made minor corrections and changes to the board. Previously the hangars had been labelled “hangers”, so that’s been corrected. The hand drawn versions have also replaced the original versions, giving it a slightly softer look. And the floodlights are also now all correctly labelled – we accidentally had two north west floodlights and no north east.

Still to do is to swap hangars 6 and 9, so that the numbers go clockwise round the board. And possibly to reduce the size of the guard hut, or at least the number of circles in it.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Spotting all the typos

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  1. Looks like you caught the other board issue I was going to feedback on – the NW corner segment dividing line wasn’t clear or was completely missing, so was one space rather than 2.

    Maybe have 6 circles in the guard hut (as that’s the max. number of guards in the game)?


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