Solo player mode

I’ve been experimenting with the solo player version. Essentially it’s exactly the same as the other modes, but with fewer guards in the guard hut and fewer cards. The question is: which cards do I lose?

This morning I played with four guards in the guard hut and with seven cards missing – one each of the boltcutters, crowbar, end of shift, check any hangar, create a distraction, open any gate, and plane spotter cards. (These are the blue-text cards of which there are multiple copies.) I lost on the last turn. I think that feels about right.

2 thoughts on “Solo player mode

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  1. BEFORE you get anything printed, please correct a serious mistake!

    A “hanger” is what you put clothes on to store them.

    A “hangar” is where aeroplanes are stored.

    Until I realised this was an error, I couldn’t understand the meanings of the words on the cards.

    in friendship



    1. Don’t panic, we know! That’s typo number 1. Typo number 2 is that there are two north wests and no north east. I think we have about five or six things to correct on the board, another couple more on the cards. Thanks!


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