Finding the right balance

Cross your fingers for me. I think I might have found the right balance….

Over the last few days I’ve had an excellent set of games. On Sunday I introduced the game to three friends. Luckily for my playtesting, they fitted perfectly into my audience – people who have played a few games but wouldn’t identify as boardgamers, and and interested by the theme of the game. And it was a brilliant game! The cards seemed relatively easy to understand, the game moved quickly, there was suspense, and in the end we lost on the last couple of turns. Brilliant.

Yesterday I had another excellent game with an old friend of mine. This time we won by the skin of our teeth. I was sure we were going to lose at one point, but no – the cards were kind and we managed to avoid detection. So, I’m feeling positive.

The next step is sending it out to other people!

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