Shipping costs

I’m making this game because I like board games, and I like activism, and I think the two things should go hand-in-hand more often. I’m less keen on some of the logistics of creating a game.

My current area of focus is shipping costs. If I were running a big business and hoping to sell thousands of copies of Disarm the Base then I’d speak to different manufacturers in different countries and have each country create games specifically for that country and send them out internally. However, I’m likely to sell around 300 copies, which means that I’ll buy cards from one place, boxes from another, boards from a third, and the final games will be put together in my living room.

Unfortunately, because almost nothing board game related in made in the UK, that means there are shipping costs. Shipping from Germany isn’t too much of a problem (and VAT isn’t a problem until 31 October, so those parts will certainly be ordered soon) but shipping from the United States takes a little longer and costs a lot more. It also incurs import duties and tax.

So, that’s another line in my spreadsheet. Trying to work out precisely where to get all the parts from may take a little time. Hmmmm.

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