Just the two of us

For the last few weeks, I’ve been playtesting the four player game. By that I mean that I’ve been pretending to be four different people and playing the game over and over again with myself. I’ve tweaked it, reducing the number of guards and adding in a couple of cards.

So it was a bit of a surprise to go back to play testing with two players and realise that it wasn’t quite as I remembered. Previously, the game had been too easy with two players. But today as I was playing I realised that it was about the right level of difficulty. It’s made easier by being able to move more easily (your turn comes round again quicker) but there aren’t as many cards on the table. Sometimes success lies in players swapping cards at the right moment, and with half the number of players there are simply half the number of cards.

For the moment I’ll keep the same rules for both four player games and two player games. I’m simply surprised that it seems to work so well at this stage!

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