Welcome to the disarmament movement. Thank you for volunteering to save lives and reveal the hypocrisy of the government.

Inside this military base, planes are being armed with deadly weapons. Tomorrow morning, they will fly halfway around the world to bomb civilians. We have irrefutable proof that the government is knowingly supplying weapons which are killing innocent people, yet the press continues to turn a blind eye. Our actions will shine a spotlight on to this hidden horror.

Tonight, we will break into the base. We will find the way through the base to the nine hangers. We will discover which hangers contain planes. We will board and disarm the planes. And then we will report our findings and actions to the authorities and tell the world.

Tonight we will save lives. Tonight we will take direct action. Let’s disarm this base!

  • You win if you disarm the planes and return to where you broke in to the base to unfurl your banner.
  • You lose if you run out of cards in the deck.
  • You lose if the guard walking round the edge of the board sees you.
  • You lose if a guard enters a building you are currently occupying.

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