How to get a copy

We will be producing 500 copies of the game. If you missed the Kickstarter but you'd like to buy one, please email us at Each game will cost £29, plus packaging and postage (£5 within the UK, £12 for EU, £16 for the rest of the world). We're still on track to receive the... Continue Reading →

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Instruction booklets

They’ve been ordered, and are in production. We thought we had them ready for ordering, but then spotted a typo...but they are done now, and might even be here by the end of the week...

Ready to send out…once I have the games!

I’ve started getting ready to send out the games. I have boxes and sellotape. I’ve mail merged and printed addresses. I have newspaper to pad the insides of the boxes. What I don’t have quite yet are the games. Don’t worry, I’m expecting them soon!


I have another exciting photo for you. Here are the games, just before they were loaded into some sort of cargo container thing to come here. I’m VERY excited!

The bags have arrived!

The first of the swag to come through the door is the bags. They’re been here a few days, but this photo has only just gone up because Small Child No.2 gave me a rather nasty cold.

New project?

When Disarm the Base is finished and all sent out, I'd like to create another game. Due to the difficultly of getting boards created, I think it would be best if it was simply a card game. But what should the topic be? I have three things I've been considering: Environmental. Possibly called Rewilding, this... Continue Reading →

Still on track for Christmas!

We're still on track to get the first games out by Christmas! We'll know more in about a month, when the game components are finished. If it's possible to get all those pieces to us in early December then we should be able to ship to you by mid-December. this space for updates.

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